Man impregnate own 13 year old daughter, blames wife.

A 62 year old Igboman living in Apo Abuja has been arrested by the Police in Abuja for allegedly impregnating his 13-year-old daughter, a crime punishable in Nigeria as Defilement. Any girl under the age of 13 is deemed not to be able to give consent to sex for whatever reason and anyone who have sexual intercourse with such a person commits a crime of defilement and is guilty of the offense when convicted.
The suspect, identified as Mr. Matthew Emeaguboro, a Christian and resident of Apo, confessed to the police that he is responsible for his teenage daughter’s 4-month pregnancy.

He reportedly blamed his wife for denying him intimacy and the daughter for seducing him.
Residents of the area said the man and his daughter are long time sex partners.
The head of the family who lives in a one-bedroom apartment blamed his wife for all the evil that has happened.
“After bearing me two children, my wife didn’t allow me to touch her. My wife was the one that told our daughter to go ahead and bear children for me. I went to have my bath, but never knew my daughter’s intention. When I came out of the bathroom with a towel on my waist, she came and grabbed my waist. I tried to push her out, but she resisted. Before I knew it, the deed had been done. I know it was a temptation, but I am sorry. I beg God for forgiveness because her mother made me indulge in the act.” He told Police investigators.
It appears that the man does not know that having sex with a 13 year old – daughter or stranger – is a crime described as Defilement and which is punishable with years of imprisonment. Urhokpota Reporters shall follow this story and monitor the police and prosecution and ensure that justice is done.