Video: Child bride aged 5 forced to marry older man bursts into tears

The video of the ceremony which has infuriated child rights groups was recorded in Chittorgarh, a city in Rajasthan, northern India. It shows a mass child marriage ceremony with young girls crying as they are forced to wed. One the brides is a five year old. She can be seen crying loudly as she is being pulled by a man to complete her Hindu wedding ritual to an older boy. Another young bride who is about 10 years old can be seen crying uncontrollably and pleading for help as she is forced to walk around a fire. 

A faith leader overseeing the proceedings in Rajasthan is caught scolding the children for crying on camera. About twelve youngsters are believed to have been married during the illegal two-day ceremony.

Kriti Bharti, a leading child rights activist  who has stopped almost 1000 forced child marriages from taking place in Rajasthan - has called for the adults involved to be prosecuted. She said: 

"My heart goes out to these little children trapped in this tragedy.
"The police should have acted immediately as the video clearly shows a priest was involved. Action should not only be taken against the families but each adult involved in the ceremony including the decorators, caterers, attendees, and relatives."
More photos and the video footage below

Source - ExpressUk