'Drugged' Nigerian woman tied with rope in India, sedated after she turned violent

An altercation with a shopkeeper in National Market in Bengaluru landed a Nigerian woman in hospital in Malleswaram after the police restrained her. The woman was sedated in the hospital after she reportedly turned violent and created a ruckus.

The woman, Mariam, said to be in her 20s, had stopped at a shop in the electronics market on Monday afternoon with an unidentified man. She had entered a mobile phone store where the shopkeeper allegedly did not attend to her. She banged the glass shelf to gain his attention, but the shopkeeper asked her to refrain from it. She repeated the action and the glass broke, wounding her, the Hindu reported.

An altercation ensued with multiple shopkeepers in the area. The Upparpet police was alerted of the situation.

However, the woman was not pacified when the police tried to talk to her, following which she was tied with a rope. The duo was then taken to the KC General Hospital in Malleswaram for a medical test, but the woman reportedly turned violent when told to get out of the auto they were travelling in.
"She was attacking everyone who approached her. Later, when she was arguing with the police, someone came from behind and threw a bed sheet over her. Then she was sedated," a hospital staff told the Hindu. The woman was later taken to the emergency ward in National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS).

The two hospitals confirmed that force was used only to subdue her and she would be undergoing tests on Tuesday.

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