Before & After Photos: Lady narrates her sister's domestic abuse story

IG User jazzle_meli shared these before and after photos of her sister, along with a narration of the alleged domestic abuse and physical torture her sister faced in the hands of her husband during their 11 years of marriage. Read her story below.

"Today am going too share my story, a scar I hide for sometime now. This lady in this pic is my blood Sister, the same father the same mother. Early this year she called our mum an was crying that she can't stay in this hell called marriage.
I thought she was joking she later called, 'an said 'in her words'' if you people don't send me transport the next call ur will receive won't be nice'' I run too the bank an send her transport, that was how she came too lag, all the way from adamawa state, I personally took this picture of her that very day she arrived, with tears in my eyes an so much shock, I could not understand what have happened too her how she end up looking like this, she arrived with two kids both girls.

After all what have been said an done I got too have a one on one talk with her an she share her story with me, for 11 years of marriage she have always lie an pretend too us her family that she is fine an happy while in reality she is in pain dieing everyday, she told me how her said husband would abandon her an the kids for week an she was so ashamed too call us for help, to the extent that she will result too begging people around for food too feed the kids she said they only eat once a day an she can go two.

For two Days without food just too make sure the kids are fine, he will beat her an even beat the kids with her den left them too Die of hunger. She said this continues for over 4 years, she have lost 2 pregnancy after he beat her too the point she bleed for weeks an lost both babies. until it got to this point an she realized that she will die an this kids will have no one too take care for them that when she decided to open up too us her family 😟😟, It pains me so much because have always been this person that will stand an fight for any lady being maltreated by any one an too imagine my own blood Sis was passing through so much pain an domestic violence killed me, so many people die of silence, the fear of the shame they have brought on their self, so many people that go through domestic violence comes from a good home an the family are always ready too support if only they are allowed in too help, my dad died an he never knew the pain an suffering my Sis was passing through. for years I eat four times a day feeling blessed not realizing my own blood Sister sleeps in hunger most days. What pained me the most is the fact that I call her every day, she is always say she is fine an same with the kids, they have all learn too smile in BTW their pain. I pray God gives everyone passing through this the strength  too move on an accept help from family an friends. God bless u all."