Pregnant Afghan woman loses baby after her husband & in-laws tied her up and assaulted her

This happened in Ashkamish district of Takhar province, Afghanistan. A woman who was six months pregnant lost her unborn baby after her husband, assisted by his mother and sister, nearly beat her to death and cut part of her genitals.

What warranted the shocking attack has not been revealed but the victim, who is in her 20s, said her husband launched an unprovoked attack on her with a wooden stick, cut her hair with a pair of scissors and shaved parts of her head. This was in the presence of his mother and her sister-in-law, who also helped him tie her up with a rope and beat her senseless.

The head of Takhar's Women's Affairs Department Ramz Ara has strongly condemned the attack. According to them, not only was she badly mutilated, but due to the violent attack, she painfully lost her baby and is currently in a hospital.

Takhar Police say that the husband is now on the run and the two other criminals mentioned in the statement are now in Kabul - the Capital of Afghanistan.