AT&T to Sue Nashville over Google Fiber Friendly Ordinance

Google Fiber has been a hot topic in a number of areas, especially for those that are wanting to drop their current ISP and sign up for Google Fiber , which is promising 1Gbps upload and download speeds. Something that most ISP’s in the US aren’t offering, or are even close to offering. AT&T
(and Comcast) has been doing everything it can to keep Google from bring their Fiber internet to certain cities, and Nashville, Tennessee is one of those cities.

This week, the Nashville Metro Council gave final approval for an ordinance that is designed to help Google Fiber and other ISP’s deploy high-speed internet faster throughout the city.

AT&T and Comcast have been lobbying against this ordinance, however now that it has been passed, the next step for AT&T is to sue the city. Which the company has already stated they will do, and has done to Louisville, Kentucky after a similar ordinance was passed.

 This ordinance gives Google Fiber and other ISP’s quicker access to the utility poles in the city. This is done by allowing a single company to make necessary wire adjustments on the poles themselves, instead of waiting for the incumbent providers to come out and do it themselves. Meaning that Google could work on the utility poles, which under current
law, is not legal.

Since the Nashville Metro Council approved the ordinance, it doesn’t mean that it’s law just yet. The ordinance needs to head to Nashville’s mayor, Megan Barry. She has already stated that she plans to sign it into law. However the lawsuit will likely force the law to be delayed a bit. Mayor Barry had stated that she encouraged fiber providers to work together
on a solution, but that did not happen. Alphabet, who owns Google Fiber, did offer to share their own attorney’s with Nashville to help fight the lawsuit being brought up by AT&T.

While Google expressed excitement over the vote by the Nashville Metro Council earlier this week, AT&T and Comcast’s reactions were unsurprisingly, the opposite. With AT&T stating that this new ordinance is not “a good solution for faster deployment of infrastructure.” Unfortunately for those living in Nashville, it looks like it’ll be a bit longer before
you’ll see Google Fiber available in your city.