Citizens need more respite at this time - Abia DSP

Making contributions on the floor of the Abia State House of Assembly on how best to come out of recession, Rt. Hon. Sir Cosmos Ndukwe, the Deputy Speaker of Abia House of Abia says the citizens need increased respite from government.

According to the Deputy Speaker and member representing Bende North State Constituency, this is the best time to do away with certain taxes that are inappropriate, needless and over burdening.

Rt. Hon. Ndukwe regretted that even hawkers are levied to the point of grievous pain. Taxes on his mind should correlate circumstances that are prevalent and cannot be the only option to get out of the recession.

The Deputy Speaker argues that the people also desire just like the government to get out of recession. It is therefore his considered opinion that certain categories of persons require tax holiday at this time.

 He also believes that government would do more for the citizens if revenues generated are channeled to government coffers alone.