Don Ubani
By Don Ubani

 Prior to 2014, I did not have any need for exchange of words or any form of  communication with the pipsqueak called Ebere Wabara. As a formidable member of former Governor T A Orji's media team, I was vigorously at the forefront of projecting and defending that administration. When former Governor Orji Uzor Kalu took it upon himself to be disparaging T A Orji's administration, being a prominent part of that government, I did not need any person to tell me that an attack on the governor was an attack on all members of the cabinet, including me.

Probably, other members of the cabinet did not see it from the perspective I saw it. I, therefore, rose with vigour to counter attack Orji Uzor Kalu. After all, I knew and still know his antecedents. He is the man that laid the foundation of mis-governance and underdevelopment of Abia State. When I started debunking the spurious claims and accusations of Orji Kalu, he had to hire an ill-mannered mercenary and exploiter in the person of one Ebere Wabara, who knows and does only one thing, insult people. No body should blame Ebere Wabara for always serving as an unfortunate conveyor of abuses and insults. I make this plea because of a true revelation of Ebere Wabara's circumstance of birth and adoption.

A young lady from Etim Ekpo, a local government area in the present Akwa-Ibom State that is very close to Azumini-Ndoki in Ukwa-East local government area of Abia State, had had a lecherous relationship with a man from Ogoni who lived along the bank of the Azumini Blue River and whose occupation was tapping of palm-wine and distilling of local dry gin called kaikai, ekpetesi, kinkana or ogogoro. Unknown to this lady from Etim Ekpo, the man she was serving his sexual desires was married with children. When she gave birth to a baby boy in the creeks of the Blue River, the palm-wine tapper simply abandoned both mother and child and no one could establish any trace of him. The lady, knowing that no body would accept her bastard son at home,out of frustration, quietly and secretly took the baby to the bank of the river close to the main road, on the western side and abandoned him there in the wee hours of the night and ran away to an unknown destination. It was by providence that late Chief Wabara of Umugor was told of the bastard and he directed that he be picked up and brought to him. When he was brought to the chief, he said he would show him mercy by adopting him. Mercy in Igbo language is Ebere. Chief Wabara named the baby Ebere and he grew up to be Ebere Wabara.

As a human-being, he has heard this degrading and dehumanizing story of his and that that is why he expresses venomous bitterness against the people of South-South in his write-ups. Ebere Wabara should, therefore, be sympathized with instead of being vilified each time he rains abuses on highly respected gentlemen. His peculiar background renders him a sadist and does not allow him any restraint in insulting people. Ebere Wabara only knows and has the register of insult. The first time Ebere Wabara launched his missile at me was on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 when, on page 50 of Daily Sun, he cowardly used the pseudo name, Chijioke Ogbonna, to ask, Who the hell is Don Ubani? True to his background as an abandoned but adopted bastard, he was full of invectives against me. Before long, he came up with another attack on me, using the same Sun newspaper but in that edition, he absurdly attempted pairing me up with Senator Emma Nwaka. He foolishly tagged both of us as attack dogs of Governor T A Orji.

Ebere Wabara has not relented on his attacks on me. Recently, to be specific, on page 16 of Daily Sun of Monday, September 5, 2016 Ebere Wabara, once again, out of his circumstantial state of frustration, attacked me under the caption, T A Orji's hacks(1): Don Ubani (1). Naturally I had to respond to the falsehood that was his write-up. Every Abian would readily attest to the fact that Orji Uzor Kalu was a very corrupt governor. There was no financial crime he did not commit against Abia State. The Sun newspapers he has today was courtesy of the unrestrained looting of the state. He even was shameless to publicize his ownership of Slok Airline and shipping line. Orji Uzor Kalu was voraciously heartless in looting the wealth of Abia State. Before he became a governor in 1999, kalu was not a millionaire. He lived in a rented apartment in Lagos. His office at No 7 J K Randle, Lagos was on rent. His mother's one-storey building at Igbere was just modest. Orji, his mother and his siblings were living as tenants at Aba until 1992 when Orji got money as a member of the House of Representatives on the platform of defunct National Republican Convention, NRC and bought a set of four two bedroom bungalows at Nweke Street in Aba from a man called Black Moore. Orji kalu, being an insatiable kleptomaniac, became suspiciously and questionably stupendously rich over night just because he became a governor.

 Out of the hallucination that he would become a President of Nigeria, he built what he calls a presidential palace in his Igbere village. Orji Uzor Kalu rendered Abia State almost perpetually wrecked. The havoc Orji Uzor Kalu's governance cost Abia State will take many decades of extra prudent management of resources before the state could be pulled out of the woods. It was not only that Orji Uzor Kalu was milking the state dry, his mother and siblings never allowed any second to pass by without mounting very damaging exploitations on the resources of the state. Ebere Wabara that is paid peanuts to protect, defend and project Orji Uzor Kalu, whose rule put Abia State in a very perilous economic situation, was not there when some of us made it possible for Orji to be governor. Many of us who made Orji governor left him after 2003 election. Since we left Orji in 2003, he has contested elections four times and four times has he failed. We were his think tank. When we left, purely on principle and patriotism, nincompoops like Ebere Wabara became his advisers. The only thing they have is insult and that is why Kalu has scored zero over four since 2007.

Not tired of using the Sun newspaper which Orji Kalu embezzled Abia State fund to establish in his name, Ebere Wabara, on page 35 of the paper's edition of Friday, September 9, 2016, under the caption, Ubani's Vitriolic On Kalu, The Sun and Wabara, completely showed he is both porous and immature. Ebere Wabara, without knowing it, admitted that members of the Wabara's family that picked him from his spot of abandonment by the western bank of the Blue River, indeed brutally killed two police men on investigation and wickedly buried them in a shallow grave at Umuogor. Ebere Wabara, boasting with impunity characteristic of a bastard, justified the killing of the two police men by saying that 'a court of competent jurisdiction had ruled that we should be compensated by the police for aggravated lawlessness and unprecedented rascality'. Ebere Wabara has no remorse, whatsoever, that his family members murdered, in cold blood, two innocent patriotic police men on duty, untimely forcing their wives into widowhood and their children fatherlessness. Rather, he takes pride in stating that the family that adopted him took undue advantage of the numerous loopholes in our legal cum judicial system to turn the case against the police, even to the very unjust and sad extent of asking the police to pay compensation despite loosing two of their own. What an irony! In his reaction to the fact that he has failed to erect a building, even if it is a hut, in his village of adoption, Ebere quickly took to lies. He falsely claimed to own a house in Surulere, Lagos. Ebere Wabara, due to amnesia,forgot that the day he was arrested in Lagos, he had climbed down from his apartment upstairs in the dilapidated unpainted building he lives in in a shanty in Lagos to fetch water. Ebere Wabara, in the same reaction childishly and spuriously boasted of his 'wife' having shopping malls. Again, I sympathize with Ebere Wabara for resorting to hyperbole.

What he claims to be shopping malls owned by the lady he has been hibernating with for some years but has failed to pay her bride price because none was paid on her Etim Ekpo mother, is a poorly-stocked kiosk his concubine operates through the wall of the fence of the yard where they live. Except he survives the quit notice given him by his landlord, Ebere Wabara's self-imagined 'shopping malls' would stay behind as he roams about the shanties of Lagos. Despite Ebere Wabara's poor upbringing, I still thank him for his nuisance value which has been enabling me to get my crumbs of the Orji Uzor Kalu loot of eight years. Each time Ebere Wabara uses a page or half to pour aspersions on me in the Sun Newspaper, I always feel elated because by so doing he has unknowingly given me an opportunity to have a share of an insignificant part of the Abia State fund which Orji Uzor kalu stole for years, though negatively. Ebere Wabara is a very unprogressive analogue person. He said he hates social media platforms and has nothing to do with them. Lest I forget, Ebere Wabara only managed to escape being imprisoned because of his atrocities when he worked briefly in a new generation bank. In as much as I expect Ebere Wabara to devote another page of our common but looted heritage, Sun newspaper, to me, I wish to state very categorically that I have closed the chapter on Ebere Wabara, at least , in sympathy with his circumstances of birth.

Sir Don Ubani, (KSC, JP Okwubunka of Asa)

Is The  Fmr Commr For Information & Strategy Abia State.