Xiamen begins clean-up after Typhoon Meranti strikes

The southeastern Chinese coastal city of Xiamen is recovering
from the damage wrought by Typhoon Meranti, which made
landfall on Thursday morning in Fujian Province.

The strong winds and heavy rain led to around 500,000
households losing electricity in Xiamen. Over 160,000 households
had power again by Friday afternoon and another 100,000 could
use electricity today, the municipal government revealed at a
press conference.

Rescue teams have already started clearing the main roads of
fallen trees, crushed cars and debris, according to local media
reports. And citizens have pitched in on the clean-up mission,
with adults dragging away some of the estimated 20,000
uprooted trees while children removed loose branches.

Over 300 historic structures in the city were destroyed by
Typhoon Meranti. The walls of one ancient villa collapsed after
trees were blown against them. About 1,000 workers ended their
Mid-Autumn Festival holiday early to help with rebuilding work.