Lagos Landlord sells his house even though tenants' rent expire in 2018, leading to series of unfortunate events

        Anaka Eugene narrated his ordeals to Due Process Advocate Facebook page. Read his post below: 

"Pls come to my aid. Apart from Due Process Advocate, I rest my case to God. My landlord sold his house in no 66 Igando rd, Ikotun, Lagos. My rent will expire in 2018. On 1st October, the tenants and Agents of the new landlord met and was officially informed of the sale. 
The Agents said they don't have business with us, said if we have not collected our balance, we should do so from the old landlord, that their client wants to build filling station there. They said they have collected permit from Police and Alausa for demolition of the house. Even though some of us like Mr Basil has not collected his balance. We begged for time they refused. Threatened that they bought land somewhere and the tenants refused to quit, the day they did, not with a single pin. A week after the meeting, land use officials locked our main gate, leaving us with the only option of following back yard. There, we found out that the sucker way pit has been opened by God knows who. All in effort to inconvenient us. On 7th October about midnight some group of youths invaded our compound, said a boy is missing and native doctor said the boy is within the compound. We allowed them conduct search. On 10th October, about 10:00am, I was in my work place when I began to receive many calls from concerned neighbours that the missing boy has been found dead in a sucker way of our compound. That group of youths are destroying everything in the yard including my car. They said I should not come home that my life is better than properties. Police was there but could not stop them. They destroyed everything and stole every valuables including my car brain box"