As I was trying to state earlier, both prevailing  economic and political circumstances in today's Nigeria indicate that Nigerians are willing to return to their former place of abode, the PDP.

Unfortunately,  leaders of our Party   appear not to know what their problem is and how to put their acts together.

Political calculations should be devoid of sentiments of any sort.
Currently-speaking, the main problem confronting the PDP is the infiltration of the Party by Senator Alli Modui Sheriff.  The man is on a mission to destroy the Party.

Any leader of PDP that thinks that the problem emanating from the inordinate ambition of Sheriff can be solved on a round table conference is only being naively simplistic.

Sheriff is taking undue advantage of the gullibility  of some judges in the country to pull the wool over the eyes of many PDP leaders.

That the Independent  National Electoral Commission has announced Jimoh Ibrahim of Sheriff's so-called faction as the Party's governorship candidate for the 26th November,2016 election in Ondo State is a clear indication that Sheriff is leveraging on the inexperience of majority of current PDP leaders.

As one of the Conveners of this Party in Abia State and by extension Nigeria,  I urge our leaders to arise above sentiments and naivety and fight this battle to a conclusive end.  The best and only way to address this menace is to be painstakingly  meticulous in handling it conclusively in the court,  terminating at the Supreme Court.

NOTE: I did not know when the first segment of this write-up got itself posted. I did not intend posting it at that time as I had not read and vetted it.

Sir Don Ubani; KSC, JP
Okwubunka of Asa
1998 Convener of PDP