What Makes Smartphone Users Download An App?

Some key data points to highlight:

31.0% of respondents said they downloaded an app because a friend recommended it, and nearly a quarter saw an ad for an app and found it to be interesting.

13.5% of smartphone owners said they Googled something and the app looked like a good answer.

13.0% saw an app featured by Apple or Google and assumed that it must be good.

But as any app developer knows, app retention is the next big
challenge once a user downloads an app.

A new survey from Appboy found that less than a quarter of
mobile app users worldwide will return to an app the day after
they first use it.

Smartphone owners will also delete an app if they seldom
interact with it. In fact, a study from Millward Brown Digital
indicated that roughly three-quarters of smartphone owners
deleted an app because they rarely used it.