Yoruba Actress Under Fire For Attacking Buhari

By Ayo Onikoyi

When it comes to football and politics, all Nigerians are pundits.
And in this democratic dispensation, the freedom of speech right
has become a sort of recreation. Moreover, in the wake of the
DSS’ sting operation on some judges there have been more ‘open
season’ on the government with President Buhari being the prime
target. Yoruba actress of Ibadan origin, who contested and lost
Oyo State House of Assembly election under the umbrella of PDP
also took aim at the President, albeit, with some unexpected

“ According to history, what we are experiencing today is a replica
of what the nation went through in General Buhari’s first coming in
the early 80s.The last few months of his second coming has
brought sheer lawlessness and gross misapplication of power, in
addition to the mismanagement of our economy which has left
the society worse off.

He has shown us that he is far from being a Nigerian but a
Northerner in every sense of the word. He has orchestrated his
well planned Northern agenda and maligned the South almost to
a state of voicelessness…,” this is an extract of the long narrative
the actress posted on her Instagram page on Monday. She got
over two thousand likes for the effort, she described as “
patriotism as against partisanship” with as many comments
deriding her for her views One Oluwanifemmy10, writes, “A lot of
young people out there are looking at you as a role model. The
views you have expressed here look too myopic my dear.

Someone just accused you of being a beneficiary of corruption
under the PDP”

Gossipnigeria has this to say, “ Aunty Funke, These are heavy
claims, enough to get you an invitation by the DSS. Do you have
proof that he is acting out a Northern agenda.”

Yemmylik states, “ Most of your points don’t really hold water and
as a good student of history as you call it, what can you say
about the just past regime. Was Nigeria a producing nation? And
how much was crude oil then and now? What happened to the
nation’s treasury. Buhari is not Nigeria’s problem.”

Ssaaddekky just dismissed her saying, “I condemn this write-up,
total rubbish.”