Corrupt Judges: FG Indicts Joe Agi of Bribery

The Federal Government on Monday indicted Mr. Joe Agi, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) of bribery in the ongoing investigations of corrupt judges.
In the investigation against one of the alleged corrupt judges, Justice Adeniyi Ademola of the Federal High Court, Abuja, Joe Agi was alleged to have severally bribed the judge with millions of naira.

This was contained in the charges filed against Justice Adeniyi Ademola and wife, Olabowale, by the office of the attorney general of the federation.

In a 15 count bribery charge against Justice Ademola and wife, Joe Agi and associates, a firm of attorneys and solicitors, was mentioned in seven charges.

According to the charges, on March 11 and March 26 2015, Joe Agi conspired and bribed Justice Ademola with N30m. Similarly, on 20th and 21st, February, 2014, Joe Agi conspired to bribe Ademola with 40m.
March 11 2015 Mrs Ademola received from Joe AGI and associates 10m on behalf of her husband.

March 16 2015 Mrs Ademola recived 10m from Joe Agi on behalf of her husband.
March 26 2015 Received 10m from Joe Agi on behalf of her husband.
Justice Ademola himself was accused of receiving 30m between march 11th and 26 from Joe Agi.

In the last count the judge was accused of receiving 30m From Joe Agi between February 20 an 21 of 2014. This latest development has now left Crossriverians increasingly worried that Joe Agi may have characteristically attempted a similar ploy to swing the outcome of the December 9th supreme court judgement in his favour. While some expressed shock over this latest revelation, others are said not be
particularly surprised as Barrister Agi has always exhibited underhand tendencies during his Law career.