Someone Else Was His Queen - Mary J. Blige Opens Up On Her Failed Marriage

Mary J. Blige, during a press round for the promotion of her new movie “Mudbound” the singer opened up about her failed marriage, divorce and more.

Speaking with Variety Magazine’s latest issue, Mary said:

On her failed marriage to Kendu Isaacs and their divorce: “I used a
lot of my own heaviness from my own misery that I was living in that horrible marriage. I was just dying in it. I knew something was wrong. I just couldn’t prove it. I just had all the heaviness of not feeling right, not feeling good. I gave it to Florence.”

Mary on the aftermath of her divorce: “I’m doing OK. I’m living. I’m not happy about a lot of things. I thought someone loved me, right? Turns out, he was a con artist and he didn’t, and now he’s coming after me for all my money. When you come out of something like that, you realize you were never the one. There was someone else that was his queen. I got played. I got suckered. I have to keep smiling and keep my spirits up because this is designed to kill me.”