Photos:8 month old baby girl brutally raped by her 26 year old cousin

A baby girl needed three hours of surgery after she was allegedly raped by her 26-year-old cousin.
The eight-month-old child was allegedly attacked at her home in the Subhash Nagar area of Delhi, India, after being left with her aunt. It is reported that the aunt’s 26-year-old son Suraj Kohli was drunk when he came by the flat and took the baby into another room to ‘play with her’. He is alleged to have gagged her while he raped her, to muffle her screams, and then left.
When the baby’s mother came home from her work as a maid, she discovered the baby screaming and bleeding from the groin.

It was not clear whether the aunt was still in the flat, and if so why she had not taken action about the baby’s injuries. The little girl was rushed to hospital, where doctors said she had been raped. Following three-hour surgery, she was said to be in a stable condition in an intensive care unit.

The family accused Kohli and he was arrested. They say he confessed to the rape under interrogation. Head of the Delhi Commission for Women Swati Maliwal said:
‘This man puts humanity to shame. Despite being a father he did this.’ She added on social media: ‘The worst has happened. An eight-month-old baby has been brutally raped in the capital and is battling for her life in a hospital. ‘Going to the hospital to meet her. Am totally numb. Terrified to face her! Please please pray for her.’
His wife, Hema Kohli, 22, has said she is struggling to comprehend that her husband of three years could something so horrifying. 
She said:
‘I still cannot believe he did this. I cannot believe I fell in love with a man like this. If he is proven guilty, I want to see him hanged in front of my eyes.’ ‘I am still speechless. I cannot get over the shock. I’m struggling to digest it. But I have full sympathies with the baby and her mother. ‘I was very close to them. My heart aches for her and I will support her. If I have to go against my husband for it then I will.’
Hema, who has a nine-month-old son with Suraj, has been subjected to both verbal and physical abuse by her community since her husband was caught and arrested on January 29.
‘I cannot stay here now,” she said. ”I am abused, taunted and even attacked with stones every time I see the neighbours. I try and explain to them that I am as angry as they are but they do not want to accept this. ‘They threaten me and say they’ll beat me whenever I step out to buy milk for my son. I have no choice than to leave this area and move to live with my in-laws in their village. I will stay with them now but not here.’

Local media say Kohli faces life in jail if convicted.
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